TitleTithe Award and Plans
DescriptionTithe maps were created between 1836 and the 1850s following the Tithe Commutation Act which substituted a fixed monetary payment for the annual payments in kind which had dated from Mediaeval times.

Tithe maps usually cover a whole township (a township was the smallest administrative area of Lancashire which levied a separate rate) and exist for about 80% of the pre-1974 county. In some parts of the Lancashire the tithes had been commuted earlier as part of an enclosure award.

They were drawn at a large scale and are accompanied by a schedule listing the
owners and occupiers of the lands and buildings shown as numbered properties on the map and recording the apportionment of the payment.

The schedule is usually arranged alphabetically by landowner and contains:
" Names of landowners
" Names of occupiers
" Acreage of land held/owned
" Description of the property
" State of cultivation
" Amount of tithe rent charge payable
" Names of the tithe owners

Quite often the description of the property includes field names which can provide significant information for the Lancashire Place Name Survey and is why the schedules are being indexed by LPNS volunteers.
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