Reference numberUDPA
TitlePadiham Urban District
Date1820 - 1974
DescriptionUDPA 1. Padiham and Hapton Local Board Minutes
UDPA 2. Padiham and Hapton Local Board Committee Minutes
UDPA 3. U.D.C.School Attendance Committee
UDPA 4. Padiham Vestry & Ratepayers Minutes
UDPA 5. Padiham Gas, Light & Coke Company
UDPA 6. Padiham Waterworks Company
UDPA 7. Pendleton School Board Further deposit, 27th January, 1976.Minutes
UDPA 8. Local Board and Council (with minutes of Committees after 1927).
UDPA 9. Building, Highway and Sewerage Committee.
UDPA 10. Finance and Assessment Committee.
UDPA 11. Gas and Water Committee.
UDPA 12. General Purposes Committee.
UDPA 13. Health Committee.
UDPA 14. Maternity and Child Welfare Committee.
UDPA 15. Printed Council and Committees minutes.Legal Records
UDPA 16. Seal register.
UDPA 17. Sealed documents.
UDPA 18. Contracts.
UDPA 19. Agreements.
UDPA 20. Tenders.
UDPA 21. Insurance policies.
UDPA 22. By-laws.
UDPA 23. Workmen's Compensation Acts.
UDPA 24. Private Street Works.
UDPA 25. Gas and Water Department annuities.
UDPA 26. Mortgage bonds.Miscellaneous Clerk's Department Records
UDPA 27. Newscuttings Books.
UDPA 28. Correspondence.
UDPA 29. Burial Board and Cemetery records.
UDPA 30. Papers relating to Local Acts of Parliament and the Boundary Commission.Rating and Valuation
UDPA 31. Valuation records.
UDPA 32. Rate books and summaries.
UDPA 33. Refunded overpaid rates books.
UDPA 34. Irrecoverable rates books.
UDPA 35. Rate arrears books.
UDPA 36. Miscellaneous. rating records.Ledgers
UDPA 37. Rate ledgers.
UDPA 38. Gas Department ledgers.
UDPA 39. Water ledgers.
UDPA 40. Private improvements ledgers.
UDPA 41. Creditors' ledgers.
UDPA 42. Debtors' ledgers.Other accounting records
UDPA 43. Annual financial records.
UDPA 44. Treasurer's accounts.
UDPA 45. Bank statements.
UDPA 46. Higher Education accounts.
UDPA 47. Petty cash books.
UDPA 48. Register of charges receivable and payable.
UDPA 49. Register of remittances.
UDPA 50. Town Hall lettings accounts.
UDPA 51. Miscellaneous accounts.
UDPA 52. General invoice books.
UDPA 53. Summons cost books.
UDPA 54. Register of land charges financial charges and prohibitions.
UDPA 55. Surveyor's private works cost books.
UDPA 56. Sunday debtore' account books.
UDPA 57. Analysis of accountant's sundry income.
UDPA 58. District fund analysis of expenditure and income.
UDPA 59. Income and expenditure ledgers.
UDPA 60. Expenditure analysis books.
UDPA 61. Sinking fund records.
UDPA 62. Loan accounts and annuities registers.
UDPA 63. Registers of interest payable.
UDPA 64. Statements of loans.
UDPA 65. Treasurer's interest account.
UDPA 66. Private improvement account registers.
UDPA 67. Miscellaneous financial records.Wages and Salaries Records
UDPA 68. Registers of salaries.
UDPA 69. Salaries and wages cash books.
UDPA 70. General wages books.
UDPA 71. Surveyor's wages books.
UDPA 72. Health department wages books.
UDPA 73. Fire brigade wages books.
UDPA 74. Housing department wages book.
UDPA 75. General pay rolls.Surveyor's Department Records
UDPA 76. Stores records.
UDPA 77. Analysis books.
UDPA 78. Miscellaneous.
UDPA 79. Correspondence.Miscellaneous Records
UDPA 80. Housing accounts.
UDPA 81. Water Department records.
UDPA 82. Gas Light and Coke Company.
UDPA 83. Records concerning Housing conditions.
UDPA 84. Wartime records.
UDPA 85. Annual reports of chief officers.
UDPA 86. Miscellaneous minute books.
UDPA 87. Circulated copies of minutes of other organisations.
UDPA 88. Miscellaneous correspondence.
UDPA 89. The Hargreaves-Veevers `historic Padiham' collection.
UDPA 90. Miscellaneous plans.
UDPA 91. Year books.
UDPA 92. Other Committee minutes

Uncatalogued material:

Accession 9975: Building regulation plans for building land near Burnley Road (Gawthorpe estate) c1900; conversion of Empress Skating Rink to cinema 1909-1910; tram and bus office 1929; and electricity power station (A and B) 1925, 1957, 1959

Accession 8040:Padiham Urban District layout plans of bandstand in Memorial Park and other council property 1925
AccessStatussee items
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