Reference numberUDBk
TitleBarnoldswick Urban District Council
DescriptionUDBk/1. Local Board, Urban District Council and Committee Minute books.
UDBk/2. Housing Sub-Committee Minute book.
UDBk/3. West Riding of Yorkshire Barnoldswick Local Pension Sub-Committee records.
UDBk/4. Committee Report books.
UDBk/5. Legal Papers.
UDBk/6. Contracts.
UDBk/7. Clerk's Department correspondence.
UDBk/8. Letter books.
UDBk/9. Year books.
UDBk/10. Bye-Laws and Regulations.
UDBk/11. Miscellaneous Clerk's Department records.
UDBk/12. Local Board and Urban District Council ledgers.
UDBk/13. Capital Accounts records.
UDBk/14. Abstracts of accounts.
UDBk/15. Treasurers' Account books.
UDBk/16. Financial statements.
UDBk/17. Cash books.
UDBk/18. Valuation lists.
UDBk/19. Rate books.
UDBk/20. Medical Officer of Health records.
UDBk/21. Barnoldswick Leeds Medical Charities correspondence.
UDBk/22. Hospital Fund and District Nursing Association records.
UDBk/23. Electricity Department records.
UDBk/24. Wartime records.
UDBk/25. Miscellaneous.
UDBk/26. Ghyll undenominational graveyard
UDBK/27 Building Regulations and planning


Council and committee minutes, correspondence, plans, files 1909-74 (UDBk: acc 6292; acc 6208)


Barnoldswick Urban District Council: unsigned council and committee minutes 1971-1974, abstracts of accounts 1961-1963, financial estimates 1973-1974

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