Reference numberDDHK
TitleHawkshead-Talbot of Chorley
Extent11 sub fonds
Date1274 - 1966
DescriptionDDHK 1. Manorial Records
DDHK 1/1. Chorley Manor
DDHK 1/2. Ightenhill Manor
DDHK 1/3. Parbold Manor
DDHK 1/4. Bedfordshire: Ravensden Manor

DDHK 2. Hundredal Records
DDHK 2/1. Leyland Hundred (High Constable's papers)

DDHK 3. Title Deeds (including Leases, Settlements & Legal Case Papers)
DDHK 3/1. Parker estates (including Crosse & Stanfield estates)
DDHK 3/2. Pincock estates; Pincock mill; Euxton (general); Bannester's Tenement, Euxton; Buckshaw's Tenement, Euxton; Rivington's Tenement, Euxton; Combined properties
DDHK 3/3. Talbot estates (including Coppull Chapel)
DDHK 3/4. Hawkshead estates; Rigby's Tenement, Chorley; Robinson's or Lowe's Tenement, Hartwood Green; Fisher's & Rawhey's estate in Coppull; Barrett's Tenement, Eccleston; Heskin family estates; Loxam family estates; Miller family estates; Eccleston (general); Lancaster-Lea Estates; Fisher's Tenements in Heskin & Shevington; Waterworth family estates; Heskin (general); Mawdesley; Penwortham; Harrison's Tenement, Ulnes Walton; Baldwin's lands, Wigan
DDHK 3/5. Brooke estates; Abbott's Tenement, Chorley; Other Brooke properties
DDHK 3/6. Bretherton estates; Cooper's Tenement, Leyland; Townfield enclosed land, Leyland; Leyland (general)
DDHK 3/7. Gaskell estates; Hambleton; Preesall with Hackensall; Lower Harr Carr, Stalmine; Danson's Estate, Stalmine; Stalmine (general); Staynall (general); Stalmine with Staynall (various & combined premises)
DDHK 3/8. Various estates; Doncaster's estate, Adlington; Bolton; Burscough; Charnock Richard; Chorley; Wakefield's tenement, Chorley; Coppull; Eccleston & other places; Great Carleton & Bispham; Horwich Footpath Agreement; Liverpool & surrounding area; Shevington & other places; Ulnes Walton; Walton le Dale; Warton; Wolfen Hall, nr. Chipping; Worsley; Hitchon's tenement,; Worsthorne; Wrightington & Heskin; Hitchon family properties in Yorkshire

DDHK 4. Wills and probate
DDHK 4/1. Parker family
DDHK 4/2. Crosse & Pincock families
DDHK 4/3. Talbot family
DDHK 4/4. Hawkshead family
DDHK 4/5. Brooke family
DDHK 4/6. Other families

DDHK 5. Estate Management
DDHK 5/1. Surveys and Rentals
DDHK 5/2. Leases
Parker estates - Stanfield's tenement
Pincock estates - Robinson's estate
Pincock estates - General
Hawkshead estates
Brooke estates
Gaskell estates, Out Rawcliffe
Townley estates
Standish estates
General leases
DDHK 5/3. Accounts (including Tithe, Land Tax, Hearth Tax)
Parker estates
Crosse estates - General
Crosse estates - Tootell's tenement
Stanfield's estate
Pincock estates - Pincock Mill
Pincock estates - General
Pincock estates - Bannester's tenement
Pincock estates - Robinson's estate
Hawkshead estates - General
Hawkshead estates - Miller family's estate
Brooke estates - General
Brooke estates - Chorley & Astley Tithes
Gaskell estates
Townley estates
Various estates
DDHK 5/4. Bonds, Obligations & Arbitrations
Parker estates
Crosse estates - General
Crosse estates - Tootell's tenement
Pincock estates - General
Pincock estates - Robinson's tenement
Hawkshead estates - General
Hawkshead estates - Miller Family's estate
Brooke estates
Standish estates
Various estates
DDHK 5/5. Correspondence
Crosse estate
Stanfield's estate
Pincock estates - General
Pincock estates - Robinson's tenement
Hawkshead estates - General
Brooke estates
Townley estates
DDHK 5/6. Sale Particulars
DDHK 5/7. Timber
Parker estates
Crosse estate
Stanfield's estate
Pincock estates
Hawkshead estates - General
Hawkshead estates - Miller Family's estates
Miscellaneous estates
DDHK 5/8. Maps and Plans
Hawkshead estates
Brooke estates
Parker Estates
Talbot Estates
Miscellaneous plans
DDHK 5/9. Miscellaneous estate papers

DDHK 6. Enclosure
DDHK 6/1. Chorley
DDHK 6/2. Eccleston
DDHK 6/3. Heskin
DDHK 6/4. Layton, Marton and Bispham
DDHK 6/5. Runshaw Moor

DDHK 7. Charity Papers
DDHK 7/1. Lathom's charity, Bispham
DDHK 7/2. Mason's charity, Chorley
DDHK 7/3. Cooper's charity, Chorley
DDHK 7/4. Hodgson's charity, Chorley
DDHK 7/5. The Coward Trust
DDHK 7/6. Chorley - General
DDHK 7/7. Clitheroe charity lands
DDHK 7/8. Euxton charities
DDHK 7/9. Rigby's charity, Eccleston

DDHK 8. Schools

DDHK 9. Family Papers
DDHK 9/1. Parker Family personal papers,including correspondence of Hugh Parker(2), James Parker(2), James Parker(7)
DDHK 9/2. Crosse Family personal papers
DDHK 9/3. Pincock Family personal papers
Including Malt Business papers of John Pincock(2)
DDHK 9/4. Talbot Family personal papers
DDHK 9/5. Hawkshead Family papers
Including the papers of William Hawkshead Talbot
DDHK 9/6. Brooke Family personal papers
DDHK 9/7. Gaskell Family personal papers
DDHK 9/8. Various Families personal papers

DDHK 10. Official Papers
DDHK 10/1. Militia
DDHK 10/2. Constables
DDHK 10/3. Churchwardens
DDHK 10/4. Highway Surveyors
DDHK 10/5. Turnpike Roads
DDHK 10/6. Poor Law
DDHK 10/7. Excise
DDHK 10/8. Other official papers

DDHK 11. Printed and miscellaneous papers
DDHK 11/1. General papers (including accounts, correspondence, etc)
DDHK 11/2. Recipes
DDHK 11/3. Copy documents
DDHK 11/4. Printed material
Related materialThere are pedigrees of the families involved available in paper format at Lancashire Record Office. Numbers and relationships in brackets within this catalogue are based on the pedigrees.
See also DDX 1111
CustodialHistoryAccessions 1211, 2651 & 3193
The Hawkshead-Talbot collection was originally deposited in 1956 by the Revd. H Bretherton (accession 1211) who had succeeded to the Bretherton family estates in 1924. There were two subsequent deposits of further material in May 1970 (accession 2651) and July 1970 (accession 3193) made by Lt. Col. J T Bretherton-Hawkshead-Talbot, who succeeded to the Hawkshead-Talbot estates in 1942. The current owner of the collection is the Revd. R D Bretherton-Hawkshead-Talbot, younger brother to the above named depositors.
The collection is not a strict Estate Collection as it is made up of two strands of papers of various families (the Bretherton family, and the Parker/Hawkshead/Talbot families) which intermarried. The descent of property culminated in the inheritance of the estates through marriage by the Bretherton family following the death of William Hawkshead Talbot in 1907. As there was little clear order to the collection, it has been restructured following guidelines published by White, Bagley, Cory, Underwood and Williams in the Journal of the Society of Archivists [JSA] vol.13 no.1 (Spring 1992) pp. 1-8. Rather than catalogue the papers of each individual family, it has been decided to treat the collection as being the papers of the Bretherton-Hawkshead-Talbot family, and to list the collection first by document type, and then by family.
A further anomaly exists in the deposit in 1976 (accession 3863) of papers salvaged from premises formerly occupied by a firm of solicitors in Chorley, which relate to the Parker and Talbot families. These papers are catalogued separately as DDX 1111 with cross-references to the collection DDHK.
ArrangementNote on the arrangement of Title Deeds
Because of the lack of arrangement of the collection generally, it was felt that all deeds and papers relating to property should be catalogued together as Title Deeds. Strictly speaking, leases subsequent to a family's acquisition of an estate should be catalogued under Estate Management, as they are not deeds of title. However, there were instances during the sorting of the collection where it was apparent that deeds of title had been grouped together with subsequent leases of the acquired premises, often as the result of a legal action to prove the right of title. Legal cases also resulted in the inclusion of accounts and correspondence with the deeds of title, as was the case with the acquisition by the Pincock family of their estates in Euxton. In certain instances, therefore, leases, accounts and correspondence have been catalogued as deeds of title. The nature of the inheritance of the estates also needed to be taken into consideration, and it was felt that a grouping of deeds relating to each family from the Parkers through to the Brethertons was more appropriate than a strictly archival arrangement based on the JSA article referred to above. Where appropriate, a note regarding the arrangement of each section has been included within the catalogue.

Note on the arrangement of Estate Management
In keeping with the arrangement of the overall catalogue, the Estate Management section has been arranged first by document class and then by family, with the exception of the sub-section Surveys and Rentals (see note below).

Note on the arrangement of Surveys and Rentals
A section of the records relating to estate surveys, mostly carried out by William Hawkshead, was initially separated out and catalogued under the reference DDHK SURV. Because of the existence of the earlier list and the loss of information on the provenance of the surveys, it was felt that restructuring the sub-section in line with the rest of the catalogue would be too confusing. The earlier list has now been renumbered as DDHK 5/1, and additional surveys discovered during the sorting of the collection have been incorporated in this section of the catalogue. The original SURV reference has been included with the description where appropriate.

Note on the Parker Estate correspondence
The Parker correspondence has all been catalogued under Family Papers, as there was no distinct grouping of estate correspondence. Some of the personal correspondence contains references to estate matters, but it was felt to be inappropriate to separate individual letters out of the sequence.

Note on the arrangement of Family Papers
In comparison with the rest of the catalogue, this section has been catalogued in order of family name, then by individual. Where a substantial amount of material exists for an individual, the documents have been further catalogued by document type. Personal papers include accounts, diaries, correspondence, personal bonds and arbitrations, and records relating to official appointments and legal obligations. Marriage Settlements which do not involve transfer of land have been included in this section. For marriage settlements involving the transfer of land, please see under Title Deeds. Where pedigrees exist, these have been catalogued at the end of each family.

Note on Printed and Miscellaneous Papers
Items which could not easily be included in any of the main catalogue sections have been grouped together and catalogued as Printed and Miscellaneous Papers. The majority of the accounts, correspondence and legal papers in this section probably found their way into the archive through the official business and duties of certain members of the Parker, Hawkshead and Pincock families, but have no specific relevance to those families or their estates.
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