Reference numberDDBL
TitleBlundell of Little Crosby
DescriptionDDBL 1. Altcar.
DDBL 2. Appointments.
DDBL 3. Aughton.
DDBL 4. Bickerstaffe.
DDBL 5. Billinge.
DDBL 6. Bold.
DDBL 7. Bonds and Acquittances.
DDBL 8. Cheshire.
DDBL 9. Childwall.
DDBL 10.Claughton-in-Amounderness.
DDBL 11.Coppull.
DDBL 12.Correspondence.
DDBL 13.Eccleston.
DDBL 14.Formby.
DDBL 15.Freckleton & Kellamergh.
DDBL 16.Golborne.
DDBL 17.Great Sankey.
DDBL 18.Halewood.
DDBL 19.Hindley.
DDBL 20.Huyton.
DDBL 21.Lathom.
DDBL 22.Litherland and Orrell.
DDBL 23.Liverpool.
DDBL 24.Miscellaneous.
DDBL 25.Newton-with-Scales.
DDBL 26.Northamptonshire.
DDBL 27.Penketh.
DDBL 28.Rainford.
DDBL 29.Rainhill.
DDBL 30.Recusancy.
DDBL 31.Sefton.
DDBL 32.Staffordshire.
DDBL 33. Shropshire.
DDBL 34. Thornton.
DDBL 35. Tyldesley.
DDBL 36. Walton-on-the-Hill.
DDBL 37. Woolton.
DDBL 38. Allerton.
DDBL 39. Elswick.
DDBL 40. Ditton, Leases.
DDBL 41. Ditton, Wheathill.
DDBL 42. Ditton, General.
DDBL 43. Hale.
DDBL 44. Ince Blundell.
DDBL 45. Ireland.
DDBL 46. Great Crosby, General.
DDBL 47. Great Crosby, Manor.
DDBL 48. Little Crosby, Manor.
DDBL 49. Little Crosby, Leases.
DDBL 50. Little Crosby, General.
DDBL 51. Little Crosby, Moorhouses.
DDBL 52. Wills.
DDBL 53. Diaries.
DDBL 54. Rentals,Accounts,etc.
DDBL 55. Settlements, etc.
DDBL 56. Widnes.
DDBL 57. Plans
Background InformationRobert, great-grandson of Osbert of Ainsdale (living 1160), took the name Blundell in the second quarter of the 13th century and through the marriage of his grandson David to Agnes Molyneux, heiress of Little Crosby, the estate came to the Blundells. The main line failed in 1737 on the death of Nicholas Blundell, whose heiress Frances married Henry Pippard, a Liverpool Irish merchant. Their son in 1772 took the name Blundell. For accounts of the family see: Crosby Records, Chetham Society, Vol. 12; T. E. Gibson, A Cavalier's Notebook and Nicholas Blundell's Diary 1702-1728; M. Blundell, Cavalier and Blundell's Diary and Letter Book 1702-1728.
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