Reference numberCBBU
TitleBurnley County Borough Council
Date1833 - 1977
DescriptionCBBU 1 Abstracts of annual Borough Accounts (printed)
CBBU 2 Education Committee Minutes (printed)
CBBU 3 Water Works Department: Reports of the Water Manager
CBBU 4 Council and Committee Minutes (printed)
CBBU 5 Planning and Estates Department: Miscellanea
CBBU 6 Corporation Officials: Annual Reports (printed)
CBBU 7 Medical Officer of Health: Annual Reports (printed)
CBBU 8 Health Department: Newscuttings
CBBU 9 Council and Committee Minutes
CBBU 10 Estimates of Income and Expenditure
CBBU 11 Medical Officer of Health: Annual Reports (printed)
CBBU 12 Improvement Commissioners' Records
CBBU 13 Council Minutes (manuscript)
CBBU 14 Council Minutes (printed)
CBBU 15 Baths and Cemetery Committee Minutes
CBBU 16 Baths and Sanitary Committee Minutes
CBBU 17 Children's Committee Minutes
CBBU 18 Civil Defence Committee Minutes
CBBU 19 Cleansing and Transport Committee Minutes
CBBU 20 Coal Committee Minutes
CBBU 21 Development Committee Minutes
CBBU 22 Distress Committee Minutes
CBBU 23 Education Committee Minutes
CBBU 24 Electricity Committee Minutes
CBBU 25 Finance Committee Minutes
CBBU 26 Gas Committee Minutes
CBBU 27 Gas and Electric Lighting Committee Minutes
CBBU 28 General Purposes Committee Minutes
CBBU 29 Health Committee Minutes
CBBU 30 Highways and Sewage Committee Minutes
CBBU 31 Housing Committee Minutes
CBBU 32 Improvement Committee Minutes
CBBU 33 Libraries and Arts Committee Minutes
CBBU 34 Markets Committee Minutes
CBBU 35 Maternity and Child Welfare Committee Minutes
CBBU 36 Municipal Buildings Committee Minutes
CBBU 37 Municipal Symphony Orchestra Committee Minutes
CBBU 38 National Kitchens Committee Minutes
CBBU 39 Parks and Recreation Grounds Committee Minutes
CBBU 40 Parliamentary Committee Minutes
CBBU 41 Personal Services Group Minutes
CBBU 42 Public Assistance Committee Minutes
CBBU 43 Public Library Committee Minutes
CBBU 44 Public Works Committee Minutes
CBBU 45 Recreational Facilities Committee Minutes
CBBU 46 Salaries and Wages Committee Minutes
CBBU 47 Selection Committee Minutes
CBBU 48 Sewerage/Sewage Committee Minutes
CBBU 49 Smallholdings and Allotments Committee Minutes
CBBU 50 Social Services Committee Minutes
CBBU 51 Social Welfare Committee Minutes
CBBU 52 Technical Instruction Committee Minutes
CBBU 53 Town Hall, Baths and Cemetery Committee Minutes
CBBU 54 Town Hall, Baths and Markets Committee Minutes
CBBU 55 Town Hall, Parks and Estates Committee Minutes
CBBU 56 Valuations Committee Minutes
CBBU 57 Watch Committee Minutes
CBBU 58 Water Committee Minutes
CBBU 59 Welfare Services Committee Minutes
CBBU 60 Air Raid Precautions Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 61 Art Gallery and Museum Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 62 Baths and Cemetery Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 63 Blind Persons Act Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 64 Blind Workshop Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 65 Borough Surveyor's Staff Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 66 Car-Parking Special Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 67 Centenary Celebrations: Various Sub-Committees' Minutes
CBBU 68 Clog Fund Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 69 Consultative and Co-ordination Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 70 Coronation Celebrations: Various Sub-Committees Minutes
CBBU 71 Dangerous Places Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 72 Development Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 73 Elementary Education Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 74 Elementary Education Reference Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 75 Festival of Britain: Various Sub-Committees Minutes
CBBU 76 Finance Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 77 Fire Brigade Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 78 General Purposes Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 79 Higher Education Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 80 Improvement Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 81 Institution Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 82 Massey Bequest Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 83 Motor Vehicles Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 84 Parliamentary Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 85 Plans Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 86 Joint Consultative Sub-Committee Minutes & Plant Competition Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 87 Property Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 88 Public Health and Maternity Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 89 Restaurant Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 90 Rota Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 91 Salaries and Wages Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 92 Special Schools and Services Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 93 Sports Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 94 Street Lighting Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 95 Thompson Bequest Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 96 Town Hall and Parks Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 97 Twinning Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 98 Works Department Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 99 Committee and Sub-Committee manuscript Minutes
CBBU 100 Other Committee and Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 101 Accrington and Church Outfall Sewage Board Minutes
CBBU 102 Burnley Joint Hospital Board Minutes
CBBU 103 Burnley, Colne and Nelson Joint Transport Committee
CBBU 104 Burnley Victoria Hospital: Carnival Committee and Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 105 Fuel Committee Minutes
CBBU 106 Housing Advisory Committee Minutes
CBBU 107 Joint Committee for the New Lancashire County District No. 12: Project Group Minutes
CBBU 108 Juvenile Organizations Committee Minutes
CBBU 109 Lancashire Joint Advisory Planning Committee No. 2: Committee and Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 110 North East Lancashire Area Transport Co-ordinating Committee Minutes
CBBU 111 North East Lancashire Region No. 2: Joint Town Planning Committee Minutes
CBBU 112 Twinning Committee Minutes
CBBU 113 Youth Committee Minutes
CBBU 114 Governors of the Grammar School Minutes
CBBU 115 Council Schools (Group No. 3): Managers' Minutes
CBBU 116 Non-Provided Schools: Managers' Minutes
CBBU 117 Education Committee Minutes (printed)
CBBU 118 Ex-Forces Victory Centre: Trustees' Minutes
CBBU 119 Electric Lighting Sub-Committee Minutes
CBBU 120 Letter Books
CBBU 121 Public Assistance Department: Outdoor Relief Lists
CBBU 122 Public Health Department: Returns of Deaths
CBBU 123 Public Health Department: Returns of Births
CBBU 124 Tramways Committee Minutes
CBBU 125 Monthly Accounts (printed)
CBBU 126 Town Clerk (includes Tramways Files)
CBBU 127 Building Regulation Plans
CBBU 128 Cemetery
CBBU 129 Plans

Also a number of additional deposits, some listed
Background InformationBurnley Borough Council was established by a charter of incorporation granted on 24 October 1861. Previously, various Acts had been passed, from 1819 onwards, giving certain regulatory powers to local commissioners. However it was not until the Burnley Improvement Act of 1846 provided for the election of 60 Commissioners that a real change was effected in local government, and the earliest records deposited by the Burnley Borough Council relate to the activities of these Improvement Commissioners (CBBU 12).

The Borough was raised to the status of a County Borough in 1889 but under the Local Government Act 1972 was replaced by a District Council. This too is known as Burnley Borough Council and comprises not only the area of the former County Borough but also the former Padiham Urban District and some parishes previously in Burnley Rural District.
Related materialSee also police application forms 1887 - 1921, order of service for thanksgiving for borough police force 1969 (PLA acc 5301, 5471); Police Gazette 1916 - 20 (PLA acc 5735); chief constable's annual report 1966 (PLA acc 5859); electricity department agreements, letter books, ledgers, wages and electricity books, engineers' reports, abstracts of accounts, presscuttings books 1892 - 1940 (CC/EYB acc 6004, 6052);
CustodialHistoryDeposited by Burnley Library. Acc 3822
Additional deposit by the Planning and Estates Officer 1 Aug 1978 (acc 4102)
Additional deposit by the Planning and Estates Officer 5 Feb 1979 (acc 4179)
Additional deposit by the Committee Sector Administrator, Burnley General Hospital 11 Jun 1979 (acc 4230)
Additional deposit by The Administrator, Burnley District Health Authority 11 Jun 1979 (acc 4231)
Additional deposit by the County Library, Preston 1 Dec 1979 (acc 4340)
Additional deposit by the Planning and Estates Officer 19 Feb 1980 (acc 4366)
Additional deposit by the Planning and Estates Officer 1 Aug 1980 (acc 4443)
Additional deposit by the Chief Executive/Clerk 28 Jun 1982 (acc 4876)
Additional deposit by the Chief Executive/Clerk 6 Aug 1985 (acc 5642)
Additional deposit by the Divisional Officer, Lancashire County Fire Brigade 20 Jan 1986 (acc 5746)
Additional deposit by the District Librarian, Burnley 29 Nov 1989 (acc 6596)
Additional deposit by the Chief Executive/Clerk 11 Sep 1992 (acc 7249)
Additional deposit by the District Librarian, Burnley 24 Nov 1992 (acc 7304)
Additional deposit by the District Librarian, Burnley 22 Dec 1992 (acc 7324)
Accession 3822 comprises CBBU/1/1 - 2, 7, 12 - 37, 40 - 56, 58; 2/1 - 10, 12 - 14; 3/1 - 14, 18 - 20, 22, 24, 27, 29, 34, 39, 41 - 44, 48 - 51, 53 - 56; 4/1, 5 - 7, 9 - 12, 14, 16 - 70
Accession 4102 comprises CBBU/5/1 - 3
Accession 4179 comprises CBBU/5/4
Accession 4230 comprises CBBU/8/1 - 5, 7 - 8
Accession 4231 comprises CBBU/6/1 - 2, 4 - 7, 7/1 - 9
Accession 4340 comprises CBBU/9/1 - 12, 10/1, 11/1
Accession 4366 comprises estimates of income and expenditure, 1966 - 1969; building byelaws; photographic negatives; premises compensation register, 1939 - 1946; planning records; reports on Altham Sewage Works, 1962-63
Accession 4443 comprises printed reports of Burnley Waterworks, 1906 - 1909; a scheme of Further Education in Burnley, 1949; reports of the Lancashire River Board, 1952 - 1965 - see CC/LBR
Accession 4876 comprises a register of schemes requiring government grants and/or sanction to loan, 1924 - 1966
Accession 5642 comprises CBBU/12 - 119; as well as letter books, rate books, seal registers, accounts; QBU; RDBu
Accession 5746 comprises records of the Burnley Division Fire Brigade including copy minutes of officers' meetings, brigade orders, operations and training notes, memoranda, special reports, items re new fire station, c. 1948 - 1976
Accession 6596 comprises CBBU/121 - 123 as well as Waterworks Dept. records 20th cent., and miscellaneous, 20th cent.
Accession 7249 comprises CBBU/37/2; 124/1; UDPa; HRBj
Accession 7304 comprises CBBU/1/10 - 11, 38 - 39, 61 - 68, 70
Accession 7324 comprises CBBU/125/1-8
Accession 4302 CBBU/126/1 - 2
ArrangementThe major part of the Council's records were deposited in 1985 and include signed copies of the minutes of Council proceedings (CBBU/13 - 14), committee minutes (CBBU/15 - 59), sub-committee minutes (CBBU/60 - 100, 119) and minutes of joint committees and undertakings (CBBU/101 - 116), together with an extensive set of rate books, letter books and other records. Some of these items duplicate material in earlier deposits, but in most cases, such as the deposit by Burnley Library in 1976 (CBBU/4) and that by the County Library in 1980 (CBBU/9), the earlier minutes are only unsigned copies.

Non-Council records included in the 1985 deposit have received different catalogue references; thus items from Burnley Rural District have been given the reference RDBU and those from Burnley Quarter Sessions QBU.

For Transport Committee minutes, see Cleansing and Transport Committee Minutes (CBBU/19)
For Joint Consultative Sub-Committee minutes, see Plant Competition Sub-Committee Minutes (CBBU/86)
For Reference Sub-Committee minutes, see General Purposes Sub-Committee Minutes (CBBU/78)
For Office and Administration Sub-Committee minutes, see General Purposes Sub-Committee Minutes (CBBU/78)
For Physical Care and Special Schools Sub-Committee minutes, see Special Schools and Services Sub-Committee Minutes,
For Post-War Development Sub-Committees minutes, see Consultative and Co-ordination Sub-Committee Minutes (CBBU/69/3)
For Sanitary Committee minutes, see Baths and Sanitary Committee Minutes (CBBU/16)
AccessStatussee items
AccessConditionsSome records are closed
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